Remembering Sudan

The Times Features “Remembering Sudan”
Henry Bird, a prominent Times journalist, newsletter editor, and environmental writer has worked to showcase the dangers of climate change, the importance of clean energy, and the need for wildlife conservation. Bird recently sat down with Ami Vitale, founder of...
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“Remembering Sudan” in Brazil’s ECOA UOL
“Remembering Sudan” in Brazil’s ECOA UOL Remembering Sudan is sparking conversation worldwide, most recently being featured by the largest and most highly consumed Brazilian content company, UOL in their environmental vertical ECOA.  Writer Giacomo Vicenzo headlines the article with an...
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Remembering Sudan to Debut at IWFF
We are thrilled to announce that Remembering Sudan is an official selection of the 46th Annual International Film Festival. The film will screen at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 4.23 p.m. at the Roxy Theater. Join Special Guests: Ami Vitale, filmmaker;...
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