Orsolya Haarberg. Dancing Elements.

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Looking straight from above, the form and colour of water changes beyond recognition. Clear rivers become transparent, whilst sediment-filled waters appear more vivid in the absence of light refraction. Scenes – that we normally look at from a very low angle when standing on the ground, – become abstract thanks to the change in perspective. Viewed from above, the intertwined channels of the river deltas are the arabesques of Nordic nature on a large scale. Adventdalen, Svalbard.

Norway-based photographer and interior designer, Orsolya Haarberg’s love for nature and the Nordic light is expressed in all her creations.

Orsolya is a multiple award-winning photographer. Her accomplishments include numerous international exhibitions and the publication of four stories in the US and international editions of the National Geographic magazine. She has published four coffee table books with photographs from Iceland, Lapland and Laponia World Heritage Site in Sweden.

After a long period of almost solely focusing on her photography whilst travelling, she has recently settled down in Vågå, a small Norwegian mountain village, and opened Fjellheimen Galleri in 2020.

Orsolya also designs and creates handcrafted items from raw materials collected locally. Old wood, reindeer antlers and wool are her favorite materials that she brings into life by crafting functioning pieces which create a unique ambience in the modern home.

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