Orsolya Haarberg. Limited Edition.

Photographer and interior designer Orsolya Haarberg’s love for nature and the Nordic light is expressed in all her creations.

Orsolya is a multiple award-winning photographer. Her accomplishments include numerous international exhibitions and the publication of four stories in the US and international editions of the National Geographic magazine. She has published four coffee table books with photographs from Iceland, Lapland and Laponia World Heritage Site in Sweden.

She is from Hungarian heritage and is a landscape architect by training. She turned her passion for photography into a profession when she moved to Norway in 2005. After a long period of almost solely focusing on her photography whilst travelling, she has recently settled down in Vågå and opened Fjellheimen Galleri in 2020.

Orsolya also designs and creates handcrafted items from raw materials collected locally, which are too available in the gallery. Old wood, reindeer antlers and wool are her favorite materials that she brings into life by crafting functioning pieces which create a unique ambience in the modern home.

Her handcrafted frames are made of naturally aged, sun-burnt wood dismantled from old buildings and barns in Vågå and Jotunheimen. Orsolya carefully observes the shades of colours, the radiance and the texture of the wood used to match each photographic detail to emphasize its connection to the mountains.

In the project “REiN – naturally Nordic”, Orsolya immersed herself in creating standout pieces using reindeer antlers – collected in Jotunheimen – as raw material and for aesthetic inspiration. Orsolya’s remarkable skills of observation have been developed and sharpened through decades of nature photography. With a deep understanding and respect for the mountain’s ecosystems, the natural shapes of the antlers are transferred into spectacular interiors that also meet human needs. Orsolya composes interiors based on nature’s own principles as well as recreates the organic forms into a new conceptual unity. In the REiN interior series, the wealth of detail created by nature is combined into unique whole.

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