Beth Moon. Odin's Cove #9. Limited Edition.

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Odin’s Cove #9, edition of 3.

Print size 16” x 20” on 20” x 26” paper (hand coated platinum and palladium metals on cotton water color paper).

Odin’s Cove is about a sense of place. It is a celebration of the beauty of nature in a visually stimulating landscape where untamed bramble and ivy suggest ancient origins. Where a regenerative view of the earth can be found, in the lush cliffs that gently slope to the sea, where music can be heard in the beating of a raven’s wing.

This project evolved from a series of trips to a very special part of the California coastline where I developed what I can only call a friendship with a pair of ravens. Over a three-year period I made many trips to this unique area and as my relationship with the ravens grew – they taught me many things about their lives and personalities.

Part pirate, part prophet, makers of magic and mischief, their throaty calls can be heard echoing through these hills. This series portrays their trust in me, their loyalty to each other, the territory they rule, and their life in the wild.

Since 1999, Beth Moon’s work has appeared in more than eighty solo and group exhibitions worldwide, receiving critical acclaim in major fine art publications internationally.

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