2021 Photographers

The photographers who were selected for the Vital Impacts Inaugural Sale are renowned for their dedication to the planet. They have demonstrated a deep commitment to conservation efforts around the globe and donated 60% of the funds raised by this sale to support the grassroots conservation campaigns: Big Life Foundation, Great Plains Foundation's Project Ranger, Jane Goodall Institute's Roots & Shoots, and SeaLegacy.

Limited Edition Photographers.

Ragnar Axelsson

James Balog

Daniel Beltrá

Xavi Bou

Nick Brandt

Jimmy Chin

Tamara Dean

Mitch Dobrowner

Rena Effendi 

Tim Flach

Jane Goodall

Paul Hart

Shawn Heinrichs

Beverly Joubert

Will Burrard-Lucas

Pete McBride

Cristina Mittermeier

Beth Moon

Jim Naughten

Paul Nicklen

Matthieu Paley

Simon Roberts

Ami Vitale

Stephen Wilkes

Reuben Wu


Open Edition Photographers. 

Karine Aigner

Chris Burkard

Marina Cano

Jimmy Chin

Robert Clark

Jodi Cobb

Jasper Doest

Ronan Donovan

David Doubilet

Dudley Edmondson

Suzi Eszterhas

Melissa Farlow

Deanne Fitzmaurice

Allan Gichigi

Chiara Goia

Jane Goodall

Georgina Goodwin

Graeme Green

Annie Griffiths

Melissa Groo

Nili Gudhka

David Guttenfelder

Carol Guzy

Viktoria Haack

Jennifer Hayes

Shawn Heinrichs

Aaron Huey

Jonathan Irish

Tailyr Irvine

Aimee Jan

Ciril Jazbec

Acacia Johnson

Beverly Joubert

Sandesh Kadur

Keith Ladzinski

Hannah Le Leu

Florian Ledoux

Jonathan Z Lee

David Liittschwager

Will Burrard-Lucas

Jody MacDonald

Andy Mann

Pete McBride

Jon McCormack

Gideon Mendel

Cristina Mittermeier

Vincent J. Musi

Tomas Munita

André Musgrove 

Clement Mwangi

Paul Nicklen

Kyle Obermann

Kristi Odom

Randy Olson

Renan Ozturk

Matthieu Paley

Andrew Parkinson

Jari Peltomäki 

Jack Plant

Hannah Reyes Morales

Cory Richards

Jim Richardson

Simon Roberts

Marco Ronconi

Gurcharan Roopra

Joel Sartore

Camille Seaman

Sudhir Shivaram

Michaela Skovranova

Nichole Sobecki

John Stanmeyer

Maggie Steber

Andrew Suryono

Babak Tafreshi

Amy Toensing

Anand Varma

Thomas Vijayan

Ami Vitale

Shannon Wild

Steve Winter

Steve Woods

Alison Wright

Jennifer Wu

Reuben Wu

Tony Wu

Michael Yamashita

Kiliii Yuyan

Canson Infinity

Canson is commited to creating a better world for coming generations. Canson paper mills are certified for their low emissions of fossil CO2 into the atmosphere.

They have an ISO 14001 environmental certification, and take particular care to preserve water by moving treated water through a high-performance, eco-friendly purification station and by progressively decreasing the amount of water used.

Paper & Ink Studio

Our domestic printer,Paper and Ink Studiobased in Missoula, Montana, is fully carbon neutral. It offsets all carbon emissions it produces and is striving to become carbon negative. It partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every order printed and uses only sustainable packaging materials that are carefully designed to reduce their size and weight to help offset their environmental impact with shipping.

The Print Space

Our international printer, The Print Space, with locations in London and Dusseldorf, is fully-audited, gold standard, 100% carbon neutral entity. They offset all emissions due to deliveries, energy usage, cloud storage and staff communites by investing in renewable energy projects. 

Additionally, from recycled packaging to biodegradable bubble warp, all materials used in their printing and shipping process have been carefully selected to reduce environmental impact.


Our website is build usingShopify, an ecommerce solution which is 100% carbon neutral and boasts a $5 million annual sustainability campaign investing in the most promising solutions to fight climate change.