Mitch Dobrowner. Limited Edition.

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    Growing up on Long Island (Bethpage), NY – Mitch Dobrowner felt lost in his late teens. Worried about his future direction in life, his father gave him an old Argus rangefinder to fool around with. Little did he realize what an important gesture that would turn out to be for him. After doing some research and seeing the images of Minor White and Ansel Adams, Mitch quickly became addicted to photography.

    He left home at 21, quitting his job, leaving his friends and family to see the American Southwest for himself. In California he eventually met my wife, and together they had 3 children, and created their own design studio - and the tasks of running a business and raising a family took priority to Photography. During that time Mitch stopped taking pictures. Years later, in early 2005, inspired by his wife, children and friends - he again picked up his cameras. He's been on a mission since then to create images that help evoke how he sees our amazing planet.

    Mitch Dobrowner owes much to the great photographers of the past, especially Ansel Adams, for their dedication to the craft and for inspiring him in his late teens. Though he has never met them, their inspiration helped him determine the course his life would take.

    Follow Mitch on Instagram at @mitchdobrowner