2023 Grant winner
Musuk Nolte

Musuk Nolte is a Peruvian-Mexican photographer, documentalist, and editor. His work strives between documentary and artistic photography to approach social issues, such as memory and environmental depredation. 

About the Project

Musuk Nolte's project will examine Peruvian communities reviving ancestral water harvesting practices, planting queñual shrubs, combating climate change, and improving water access.

“This is such a beautiful hopeful story on ancestral water harvesting practices; instead of focusing on scarcity and despair, we get to learn that there are ways to combat climate change one shrub at a time," says Judge Sabine Meyer, Photography Director, National Audubon Society. "We also get to learn that solutions have existed for a long time — this story will give a voice to experts and amplify their knowledge in ways that will resonate at a larger scale.”

“I am eager to see how he translates this understanding to tell of the intricate, centuries-old relationship Indigenous Andean communities at the roof of the world have with water, and what connections we can draw with others elsewhere around the globe,” adds David Barreda, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic. “By centering local expertise, Nolte amplifies the voices and wisdom of the Indigenous people, offering nuanced perspectives that are often overlooked in mainstream narratives surrounding environmental conservation.”