Brian Skerry Inspires the Next Generation at Dougherty Valley High School

Brian Skerry Inspires the Next Generation at Dougherty Valley High School

Vital Impacts Student Speaker, Brian Skerry, is a renowned underwater photographer and marine conservationist. He has dedicated his life to capturing the beauty and wonder of the world's oceans while advocating for their preservation. His commitment to the protection of our seas has taken him to incredible depths and allowed him to witness the marine world in all its glory. 

At his most recent Vital Impacts Speaker Series event, Skerry spoke to a packed crowd of 600 high school students, diving into the complexities of whale culture to help students to understand the extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures of five different whale species: belugas, humpbacks, narwhals, orcas, and sperm whales. 

“I really enjoyed how [Skerry] talked about the culture that whales have and the different traditions that they have based on where they live. I think that was a really interesting revelation that not many people would know about.” - Dougherty Valley High School Student

Brian Skerry’s voice encourages students to explore both the arts and STEM subjects. He shows that choosing between the two fields is not necessary, and that by blending both, one can create a great deal of positive change. Many listeners at Skerry’s talk shared how his words inspired and encouraged them to pursue similar paths. 

“I especially love wildlife photography. I want to be a zoologist and use photography for my work and being able to relate to [Skerry] is awesome. I loved how he unlocked the secrets of science through photography, I think that's amazing.” - Dougherty Valley High School Student

“It was all really engaging and I think getting to know about the technical aspects of photography was really cool. It makes me want to pick up a camera.”  - Dougherty Valley High School Student

Vital Impacts is working to inspire a new generation of environmental stewardship through events like these. For more information about Brian Skerry and the Vital Impacts Student Speaker Series, visit Vital Impacts