Shawn Heinrichs. Whale Tail. Limited Edition.

Shawn Heinrichs. Whale Tail. Limited Edition.

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Print - 20 x 30 inches
Print - 30 x 45 inches

About the Work

Gazing down into the deep blue depths, all of my attention is focused on the mother and calf humpback whale hovering just beneath me. Motionless, yet radiating such powerful energy, these magnificent beings have such a presence as to transcended any level of consciousness that I could possibly understand - yet to be allowed into there sacred presence, to watch in wonder and possibly, just possibly, derive a small fraction of the immense wisdom that these ancient wanderers carry.

And in that moment of complete silence, my heart wide open and my mind at rest, I suddenly feel it -  a subtle but powerful and undeniable soul connection - a connection so profound, so moving, that my body shakes and I am brought to tears. And then I hear her message, that our true power is found in our ability to be completely vulnerable, to surrender our fears, quiet our minds, put aside our egos, open our hearts, and let others truly see the radiant spirit that shines within all of us.

And then, as if fully attuned to the understanding that her work with me is complete, the mother and calf slowly rise to the surface, her massive fluke brushing with in inches as my face, and then with a powerful pump of their tails, they propel themselves forward and disappear into the blue.

About the Photographer

Only One Founder Shawn Heinrichs is an artist and Emmy-award winning cinematographer, photographer and marine conservationist. His stunning and often stark artwork is fueled by his passion to protect the oceans, and the profound recognition that people only protect what they love.

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