Callie Chee. Bioluminescent Ghost Mushrooms.

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These bioluminescent mushrooms nicknamed ghost mushrooms due to its eerie green glow, the scientific names of these bioluminescent mushrooms are Omphalotus Nidiformis.  The glow is very much visible to the naked eyes in complete darkness.  They are found in certain forests in Australia.  Finding them and photographing them can be challenging as they grow and glow for only a few weeks in a year.   

Callie Chee is a landscape and travel photographer.  Whenever time allows, she would venture and explore the lesser known destinations to capture the culture and colour of the country.  So far, her travels had taken her to many weird and wonderful places like Badain Jarain desert of inner Mongolia, bazaars and deserts in Iran, mountains in Kashmir, places across China and Kyrgyzstan and many more. In her spare moments, she leads photography tours to Iran and China.  You can follow her destinations in www.CallieCheePhotography.com.

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