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Rent Remembering Sudan
Rent Remembering Sudan

Rent Remembering Sudan

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Rent the Film
Rent Remembering Sudan for a 2-week period. 100% of ticket sales will go directly to Ol Pejeta Conservancy who care for Najin and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos on the planet.

Film Run Time: 11 Minutes.
Available streaming only.

Zacharia Mutai was devastated the day he lost his best friend Sudan. Sudan was someone he spent years with, someone he knew better than his own children, someone he loved. This death was tragic, but not a surprise.

Zacharia, the head rhino caregiver at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in northern Kenya, was caring for the last remaining northern white rhinos on the planet. His friend Sudan was the last male rhino of this species.

Sudan, 45 years-old, was gentle, hulking and otherworldly. His final moments were eerily quiet—just the sound of the rain falling, a single bird scolding, and the muffled sorrow of his caretakers.

But this is not just the story of Zacharia's loss or of the death of a rhino. This is the story of the death of a species. A loss of such magnitude is a loss for all of humanity. Without these creatures, we suffer more than just the loss of ecosystem health. We suffer a loss of imagination, a loss of wonder, a loss of beautiful possibilities.

In Remembering Sudan, photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale documents the heartbreaking crisis facing the northern white rhinos and keepers like Zacharia Mutai who sacrifice so much to protect them.

After Sudan’s death in 2018, only two northern white rhinos remain, both females. Through Zacharia’s story, Vitale explores efforts to protect these rhinos as well as the groundbreaking scientific developments aimed at bringing the species back.

How did we arrive at the point where such desperate measures were necessary? It’s astonishing that a demand for rhino horn based entirely on misinformation has caused the wholesale slaughter of a species. At the same time, it is encouraging that a disparate group of people have come together in an attempt to save something unique and precious, something that if not saved, will be gone forever.

Tickets are $10. All ticket sales will go directly to Ol Pejeta Conservancy who care for Najin and Fatu, the last two northern white rhinos on the plan, and who are working to restore the species.

Purchase your ticket for this short film below and screen it today.



Are you a teacher or lecturer and want to use Remembering Sudan in your classroom for educational purposes? Please email me at to discuss screening or educational licensing.

Donate to Ol Pejeta and Attend the Global Viewing Event With the Filmmakers
Donate to Ol Pejeta and Attend the Global Viewing Event With the Filmmakers

Donate to Ol Pejeta and Attend the Global Viewing Event With the Filmmakers

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Donation Amount

  • Watch the global viewing event hosted by Filmmaker Ami Vitale and head rhino keeper, Zacharia Mutai that took place on April 24, 2023. 
  • Participate in a virtual Q&A with the Filmmakers
  • Donation includes 2-week rental of Remembering Sudan

100% of sales will support the work of Ol Pejeta Conservancy.







Adopt a Rhino
Adopt a Rhino
Adopt a Rhino

Adopt a Rhino

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Adopt a Rhino
  • By symbolically adopting a rhino today, you will be helping to protect some of the world’s rarest wildlife.
  • Adoption packages include a certificate, fact sheet and the Ol Pejeta timeline of your chosen rhino! In addition, you will receive exclusive video invitation and exciting updates straight from the field.
  • Please note, these adoptions are for one year only and packages will be emailed to you once your donation has been made.
Donate to Ol Pejeta

Donate to Ol Pejeta

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  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a Kenyan wildlife sanctuary that is committed to protecting endangered species, driving economic growth and improving the lives of rural communities.
  • Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to Ol Pejeta enabling them to care for the last two northern white rhinos on the planet, to restore this ancient species and to support the community within and surrounding it. 
Go on a Safari

Go on a Safari

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See the Last Two Northern White Rhinos

This exclusive safari from Ol Pejeta Conservancy, includes: 

  • Three nights at the beautiful Pelican House on the ground of Ol Pejeta
  • Visit to the last two northern white rhino in the world
  • Meet Ol Pejeta’s K-9 unit
  • Participate in a lion tracking excursion
  • Includes full board accommodation, two game drives per day and conservancy entry fees
  • Does not include international flights or domestic transfers
  • All travellers must have comprehensive travel insurance

Thank you for making a difference.

Proceeds from this package will go directly to support the work of Ol Pejeta Conservancy. $1,500 of this contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

How Your Donation Can Make a Difference


Purchases critical ranger equipment such as a head torch for nighttime patrols, and gloves to protect rangers' hands.


Provides one medical pack that contains lifesaving supplies for rangers on patrol.


Will buy two extra-large sacks of bananas for Najin and Fatu (their favorite!).


Covers the cost of a Northern White Rhino caretaker salary for one month


Covers the costs of giving a scholarship to a child in our community for secondary education boarding school for a year, helping build a stronger community and alleviate costs for their families


Cover the costs of 10 community school buses coming into the conservancy for a day trip, paying for fuel, lunch and education on site on wildlife and endangered species.

About Najin

Najin, one of the last two northern white rhinos on the plant, is mother to Fatu, and the daughter of Sudan.

She's a cool, calm, sociable lady who likes to be around her daughter and Tauwa, their southern white rhino companion.

She gets very excited by water and rain. Due to deformities in her hind legs, however, she can't run as fast as she'd like to keep up with the other two.

She loves food and can occasionally be a little naughty, earning her the moniker Naughty Najin. She is photographed here with Zacharia Mutui.

"We often forget that the best protectors of these landscapes are the local communities. Their efforts are ultimately the best immunization against forces that threaten both their wildlife and way of life." -Ami Vitale

About Fatu

Fatu, one of the last two northern white rhinos on the planet, is daughter to Najin, and the granddaughter of Sudan.

Fatu is crazy about water and the rain. Her head picks up, her ears are pricked and she runs off with her southern white rhino best friend Tauwa to the mud pits to wallow. She loves being in standing water.

She sleeps beside her best friend Tauwa. While the friendship is adorable, occasionally her mother, Najin, has to nudge the two girls back in line with her horn when they get a little too rambunctious.

"When we see ourselves as part of the landscape and part of nature, then saving nature is really about saving ourselves." -Ami Vitale

About Baraka

Baraka is a blind, black rhino. He is Ol Pejeta's official rhino ambassador. He is friendly and loving, especially towards women.

Because he is blind, his senses of hearing and smell are stronger that those of black rhinos in the wild.

He's not a morning person, and often refuses to wake up when his rangers call him. He dedicates half of his day to sleeping and the other half to eating.

One of his favorite pastimes is escaping from his 100-acre enclosure to mark his territory outside the boundary fence, then sneaking back as if no one has noticed.

By supporting Ol Pejeta, you are investing in the future of bringing a species back from the brink of extinction as well as a proven model for successful conservation. 

Interested in Learning More about Ol Pejeta?

As a model for conservation and a beacon of hope for critically endangered wildlife species, Ol Pejeta's mission to conserve biodiversity for future generations requires significant financial resources. Learn more about their work and all the ways you can get involved by visiting their website.

Visit their website

Thank you

Zacharia and I both would like to express how grateful we are that you are spending time with this story and that you care as much as we do about these hulking, ancient, gentle giants. Thank you for being a part of this.

Photo by Katie Cleary