Maui Pando. Harmony of the Deep.

Maui Pando. Harmony of the Deep.

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This scene, captured in the clear waters off the Cocos Keeling Islands, showcases a group of dolphins dancing through the light-filled depths. As they glide harmoniously, these majestic beings are not just subjects of beauty but also symbols of the intricate world beneath the waves. This photograph serves as a heartfelt reminder of the vibrant life that thrives beneath the surface and the collective responsibility we share in safeguarding their world.

That day, as the early morning sun cast its golden light over the ocean, I ventured into the calm, turquoise waters, eager to capture something beautiful. The sea was remarkably clear. As I submerged, the silence of the underwater world enveloped me, It wasn't long before I encountered this playful pod of dolphins. They seemed as curious about me as I was about them, swirling around gracefully, allowing me into their world. With my camera ready, I floated quietly among them, feeling more like a guest in their aquatic home than an observer. The connection was magical, and as I clicked the shutter, capturing their synchronized movements, I knew this image was a tribute not only to their beauty but also to the spirit of the ocean—a spirit that we must protect for generations to come.

Born in Argentina, Maui Pando (  decided to leave the big smoke and became a passionate visual storyteller deeply connected to the sea, she captures the heart-stirring stories woven into the vast ocean and remote villages and different ways of living. Focused on marine conservation,

Maui's work is a celebration of the ocean and nature's splendor and a call to protect its fragile ecosystems. Her mission is to showcase through her photography the connection between humans and nature. Residing in Australia, she finds inspiration in the tranquil waters of the Cocos Keeling Islands, where the spirit of adventure and the call of the wild ocean come together in his captivating photography.

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