Barbara Dall’Angelo. Dancing Trees. Limited Edition

Barbara Dall’Angelo. Dancing Trees. Limited Edition

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The dancing trees of this remote Indonesian island immediately captured my attention. They are unique: unlike all the other mangroves in the world, which live in groups, these were born isolated and they have adapted to the difficult weather conditions inventing these amazing choreographies. I positioned my tripod in order to see the trees responding to each other in a kind of dancing embrace in a pink atmosphere before sunrise.

This photograph is available as a limited edition of 8 in two sizes: 

59 inches x 39.4 inches

17.7 inches x 11.8 inches

“Photography for me is not a profession. It is my way of seeing the world. Today I cannot say whether I take photographs of my travels or if I travel to take photographs.”

Communication through imagery has always attracted me: I was born in close contact with photography, film and television. By way of family legacy and personal passion, I’ve made this world my life. I did my university studies in Literature and Performing Arts and graduated from the director’s program of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. 

I founded a film and television distribution company, Dall’Angelo Pictures, of which I am still chief executive officer.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was an adolescent, but only after I turned 40 it became something much more important. It is the way I see the world, and whichendlessly makes me exploring new aspects of it, and refreshing my gaze.  In my photographs, I try to crystallize extremely delicate moments of Nature’s harmony and balance which unveil the fragility and mutability of our world. In a gentle way I try to awaken the moral responsibility we all have in the protection of our planet, our greatest gift.

Over the last few years, I received many awards in the most important International Competitions for Nature Photography and my pictures are often published in popular Travel and Nature magazines. In 2019, I inaugurated “Click di sera” at MUSE, Museum of Natural Sciences of Trento, with a live evening, narrating a journey around the world through my photographs.

My works are often exhibited throughout the world, including the Natural History Museum in Kensington, London, and are featured in Art Galleries and private collections.

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