Win a Trip to Antarctica to Learn Environmental Storytelling with Ami Vitale

Win a Trip to Antarctica to Learn Environmental Storytelling with Ami Vitale

Photo by Will Rogan.

For nature photographers, a trip to Antarctica is about more than snapping a pretty image for social media. It’s a chance to share this pristine and fragile wilderness with the world while using visual storytelling to help protect it—and that’s exactly what small-ship expedition outfitter Polar Latitudes’ November 2024 Immersive Photography Program with Ami Vitale will help you do. 

Even better? Vital Impacts is launching a contest to help one female-identifying photographer win this once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica trip with Vitale—and you can apply until March 28 

About this Antarctic Photography Adventure 

Many dream about visiting Antarctica, yet for environmental storytellers, there’s no better way to experience the white continent than alongside world-renowned photographer, filmmaker, writer, and Vital Impacts founder Ami Vitale. Named one of the most influential conservation photographers of her generation, Vitale, a longtime National Geographic photographer, has harnessed the power of visual storytelling to safeguard the world’s biodiversity, and spread environmental hope. 

From Nov. 1-21, she’ll join Polar Latitudes, which specializes in small-ship Antarctic travel, to share her environmental storytelling skills with guests on a trip to Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia. The pristine backdrop is a humbling lesson in nature’s awe power, with towering ice; countless penguins, seals, and seabirds; and enormous whales feeding among the icebergs. 

It’s also a chance to learn how to use your camera, be it an advanced SLR system or the point-and-shoot in your pocket, to protect the wildlife and raw landscapes you’ve come to see. Vitale will engage with guests throughout the 22-day trip, from sharing her own advocacy-through-storytelling experiences (think: donning a panda suit in the field) to providing on-the-ground photography guidance and personalized photo reviews with guests.  

Throughout the trip—which takes a low-pressure (but high-fun) approach to learning—Ami will help aspiring and seasoned visual artists learn how to continue using their photography for the planet back home.  

How to Win a Trip to Antarctica with Ami Vitale 

This month, Vital Impacts is launching a contest to help an aspiring or experienced female-identifying photographer win this trip to Antarctica with its founder, Ami Vitale. To enter, contestants are asked to share one photo and either post a video or send an essay about how they’ll use the experience to create a positive impact. The deadline to enter is March 28.  

The winner will join Vitale on this 22-day journey, which is valued at $28,000. The package includes one roundtrip economy class airfare ticket to Ushuaia, Argentina (up to $2,500), airport transfer, shipboard food and accommodation (a shared cabin with one female Vital Impacts team member), and more. In addition to training, workshops, and inspiration, this Antarctica trip offers a chance to become immersed in Vitale’s women-led nonprofit, Vital Impacts, which uses art and storytelling to support grassroots conservation. 

To apply for the Antarctica with Ami Vitale contest, and find the contest rules and conditions, visit the Vital Impacts website 

If you’re interested in securing an immediate spot on the Polar Latitudes trip, enjoy a 10% off Early Bird pricing special. 

Either way, we can’t wait to see you on the other side of the world!