Vital Impacts to Exhibit ‘Our Interconnected World’ at NYC Photoville Festival June 1-16, 2024

Vital Impacts to Exhibit ‘Our Interconnected World’ at NYC Photoville Festival June 1-16, 2024

This June, Vital Impacts will showcase a collection of images that are not just photographs, but windows into ecosystems, cautionary tales of human impact, and visual invitations to get get involved. The works explore the inseparable link between individual wellbeing and environmental health at Photoville, a New York City-wide photography festival that brings public art exhibits to all five boroughs.

Vital Impacts, a women-led organization that collaborates with hundreds of the world’s most influential environmental photographers, will engage audiences with a thought-provoking “Our Interconnected World” gallery at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The images, all selected by Vital Impacts founder Ami Vitale, spotlight natural wonders and humankind’s connectedness with nature. Behind-the-photo anecdotes will accompany each image to encourage reflection and action to safeguard the planet.

Vital Impacts’ exhibition will feature some of the most respected and influential nature photographers around the globe, including Adeolu Osibodu, Ami Vitale, Anand Varma, Andy Mann, Beth Moon, Ciril Jazbec, Evgenia Arbugaeva, Jason Gulley, Jim Naughten, Marina Cano, Michael Yamashita, Michael “Nick” Nichols, Reuben Wu, Robert Clark, Shawn Heinrichs, Steve Winter, Steven David Johnson, Tamara Dean, Tim Flach, Vincent J. Musi, and Xavi Bou.

This year’s 13th annual Photoville festival, which is free and open to the public from June 1-16, will put Vital Impacts’ changemaking message in front of the masses. "Our Interconnected World" will be on display in container number 14 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, located at 1 Water Street.

More than 1 million visitors attended last year’s Photoville event, and this year’s show promises to be bigger and better than ever, with 85 outdoor exhibitions centered on changemaking imagery. The 2024 festival commences with a weekend of educational talks, gallery spotlights, and virtual storytelling at Brooklyn Bridge Park from June 1-2. Photoville’s footprint will span all five NYC boroughs with open-air galleries, virtual workshops, and presentations. (See the Photoville website for a map of all experiences.)

To learn more about Our Interconnected World, the Vital Impact artists, and how to partake in the June 2024 Photoville festival, visit Photoville.NYC.