Vital Impacts Exhibit at the Porte Aperte Festival This June

Vital Impacts Exhibit at the Porte Aperte Festival This June

Vital Impacts is honored to have an exhibit in collaboration with the Festival Fotografia Etica Lodi at Porte Aperte Festival in Cremona, Italy this June. 

Works by Vital Impacts photographers Jim Naughten, Paul Hart, Beth Moon, Ami Vitale, Michaela Skoranova, Xavi Bou, Jane Goodall, James Balog, Chiara Goia, Will Burrard-Lucas and more will be on display from June 7th to July 9th, in the Piazza Roma, a public garden and green space where the Basilica of San Domenico once stood.

The goal of our exhibition is to connect people with nature and to stress how interconnected the survival of the planet is with our own. We believe that by encountering these photographs in their daily life or through festival visits, viewers will be inspired to become champions for the natural world.

The Porte Aperte Festival exists to showcase all forms of art including music, writing, photography, cinema, and more. Based across Cremona’s historical center, festival-goers can attend over 60 different free events ranging from tours to concerts to art shows, all within the demolished walls of the city that date back to the 17th century. 

The festival host city, Cremona, holds a legendary status in the world of violin making. It is known to have been the home of renowned luthiers such as Antonio Stradivari, Andrea Amati, and Guarneri del Gesù and it is still associated with unparalleled violin craftsmanship today. As a bustling artistic and musical hub for both Italy and the world, festivals occupy the city’s social calendar, one of the most notable being the Porte Aperte Festival. 

For more information on how to visit the Vital Impacts exhibit, visit the Porte Aperte Festival website