Tamara Dean. Sleeping Waking. Limited Edition.

Tamara Dean. Sleeping Waking. Limited Edition.

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Edition of 2 + 1AP. 200 x 150cm. Unframed. 

About the Work

'Palace of Dreams' 2022

"in the gardens of memory, in the palace of dreams, that is where you and I shall meet"

(The Mad Hatter) Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking Glass, 1871

Like Alice through the looking glass, the world is turned on its head. 

Ordinary objects defy gravity, the compass is both physically and figuratively out of whack. 

Each night I watch the news, taking in images of daily disasters happening across the planet. My mind is filled with moments and snapshots, personal belongings washing away in floods, homes broken, humans in dire need. We are often reminded that we are living on the precipice of a tipping point. A point of no return.

Then images from my garden float through my mind, my hands in the earth, flowers that disappear and reappear each year. The certainty of change and of cycles.

Tamara Dean is a critically acclaimed photo media artist. Her practice explores our connection to nature and fragility of the environment. Her work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia; Parliament House Art Collection; Art Gallery of South Australia; Mordant Family Collection; Artbank; Balnaves Collection; and Francis J. Greenburger Collection, New York.

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