Luisa Dörr. Brenda and Her Mother.

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Brenda and her mother are Aymara Pollera women from La Paz.

Brenda started skateboarding 6 years ago and felt that this activity could give her direction, something to learn that would stimulate her to drop her fears and get out of her comfort zone. She says - ""It makes me feel capable because I can break my own limits and I can dare to do things that I have never thought about, and like this, I can get over my daily fear."" She is a member of Imilla Skate group. The word Imilla means “young girl” in Aymara and Quechua, the most widely spoken Native languages. Their skirts, known as polleras, celebrate ties to their Indigenous ancestry.

Luisa Dörr (b. 1988, Brazil) uses portraiture to create narratives that explore the feminine human landscape. Her work has been exhibited widely and published in TIME, National Geographic, The New York Times, GEO, and others. She is currently working on long-term projects related to women and cultural traditions.

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