Tamara Dean. Dusk Bloom. Limited Edition.

Tamara Dean. Dusk Bloom. Limited Edition.

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Dusk Bloom
Edition of 8
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How will we as a species adapt to rising water levels, to a changed climate, to a less inhabitable planet? We are often reminded that we are at a tipping point. Prompting the surreal experience of living in a sense of dire alarm whilst continuing the routine of daily life.

How do we reconcile that we are living in an ecosystem so out of balance, and how as individuals can we make choices and actions to try to right that balance.

How to evolve with so little time.

This work “Dusk Bloom” depicts a young woman positioned as a blooming night flower, up-ended, with her head in the sand. Not yet drowned, still surviving in the shallows of the rising waters.

Living through this time of environmental devastation I try to depict moments of beauty in my work, whilst commenting on my deeper fears and concerns. This work comments on the pervasive “head in the sand” mentality, borne of feeling utterly powerless in the face of the enormous challenges we face as a species.

Represented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin

Tamara Dean is a critically acclaimed photo media artist working in photography, installation and moving image. Dean’s practice explores the relationship between humans and the environment.

Follow Tamara on Instagram @tamaradean.

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