Sisse Brimberg. Embracing Penguins.

Sisse Brimberg. Embracing Penguins.

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King penguins at Saint Andrews Bay in South Georgia, The Southern Ocean. 

Says Sisse, "I am honored to be a part of the @vital.impacts initiative to celebrate Dr. Jane Goodall’s extraordinary life.

 When I was a young photographer living in Denmark, a family member suggested I read Jane Goodall’s book about her work with the chimpanzees at Gombe. In the book she mentioned The National Geographic’s and the famed Director of Photography, Bob Gilka — she had named one of the chimps after him.

My first good look inside the Geographic was a revelation — it inspired me to try to get a foot inside the door of the magazine. Though we only have met briefly Jane became my inspiration and my adopted mentor from the beginning of my career at the Society. 

She has been an inspiration ever since, and I am honoured to be one of the 90 female photographers celebrating her and the critical conservation and community-building work she has done for so many, many years. 

She is a beacon of light not only for the prime apes but for the human race as well."

Sisse is based in Chatham, Cape Cod & Glasgow, UK, where she runs their production company, KEENPRESS, producing videos and photo projects centered around real people, lifestyle, and contemporary environmental issues. Currently she is working on a documentary film about sustainable fishing in the North Sea.


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