Hannah Reyes Morales. New Generation of Altai Kazakh.

Hannah Reyes Morales. New Generation of Altai Kazakh.

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Altai Kazakh youth are seen on horseback during the Golden Eagle Festival in Bayan Ulgii, Mongolia. Zamambol (right) is an eagle huntress who learned the craft from her grandfather. In Bayan Ulgii, Mongolia, the once dwindling art of eagle hunting is passed on to a new generation of Altai Kazakh youth who are embracing the tradition as part of their identity, and keeping it alive in new ways amidst modernity.

Hannah Reyes Morales is a Filipina photographer who focuses on bringing historical memory and current events home, by looking at how they shape daily life.  Hannah is currently focusing on longer term projects. She is a co-founder of Emerging Islands, a grassroots program connecting artists with scientists and coastal communities to tell island stories through art.

Follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahreyesmorales.


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