Nili Gudhka. Power.

Nili Gudhka. Power.

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Just before mid-day, we found a pair of lions. The male lion was going through flehmen response. He was really trying to persuade the lioness to mate, but she kept walking away. During the convincing period, the lioness decided to take a nap while the male lion kept guard. And just like us humans, lions also yawn when they are bored, hungry and sleepy. This was him yawning and showing off all his canines. After almost an hour of persuasions, the lioness finally gave in.

Nili Gudhka was born in a small town called Kitale in Kenya. She grew up looking at the stunning Mt. Elgon which made her fall in love with nature from a very early age. In 2016, she started making regular safari trips with a basic Nikon DSLR camera and that’s where her passion for photography grew stronger. After slowly investing in better equipment she finally decided to leave the corporate world and become a full time wildlife photographer and safari planner. Not only does she love photographing wild animals, but conservation and learning animal behavior is also extremely important to her.

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