Michael "Nick" Nichols. Jou Jou and Dr. Jane Goodall, Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of Congo, 1990.

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This photograph is available both unsigned edition and hand-signed by Dr. Jane Goodall.

Late one afternoon as she was checking on the zoo chimps that her organization had been feeding, Jane Goodall approached the cage of a dangerous and aggressive male. Disarming him with a language learned from her years of research, she offered her golden hair for him to touch. It was a simple moment that came to represent so much.

Jane Goodall Institute does not endorse handling or close proximity to wildlife. This represents a historic context.​

Michael “Nick” Nichols is a wildlife journalist; his narratives are epics where the protagonists are lions, elephants, tigers, and chimps. Scientist-conservationists like Jane Goodall, J. Michael Fay, Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Craig Packer are all in featured roles. He came to the magazine with the legacy of a childhood spent in the woods of his native Alabama, reading Tarzan and John Carter of Mars adventures. Nichols became a staff photographer for National Geographic magazine in 1996 and was named Editor-at-Large for photography in 2008.

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Proceeds from this print will support the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots program.

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