Kristi Odom. Whale Tail.

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Billions of sardines gather around June-May off the shore of South Africa, bringing together much larger marine life to feed on these large schools. While photographing dolphins searching for the sardines, a whale came out of the blue and thrashed the water’s surface with its tail. I was instantly drawn to the light and the water all around this magnificent creature. Photographed with my Nikon Z 9 in a Nauticam Housing.

Conservation photographer and Filmmaker, Kristi Odom, has worked in some of the earth's most remote locations to help document stories that will help protect our planet's biodiversity. She is an internationally awarded photographer, an associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Nikon Ambassador and a motivational speaker.

She believes strongly in the power of photography to help create positive change and ultimately help protect the planet's wildlife.

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