Jennifer Wu. King Penguins in Snow.

Jennifer Wu. King Penguins in Snow.

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While photographing the king penguins, a few of them were away from the  colony, isolated against the snow covered mountain. I got down on my belly to photograph them at eye level. I was admiring their beauty, and  feeling so connected to them. The snow and wind would come and go as I waited for them to do something interesting.

As the snow lightened up, they got less huddled together. Then they all lined up and each one was doing something different! I was excited to see each in their own pose.
It gave me a smile and I took the shot. After nearly a couple of hours  of being with them, I knew this was the image I had been waiting for.

Jennifer Wu is a leading nature and landscape photographer specializing in photographing the night sky. She is the co-author and photographer of the book, Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide to Shooting After Dark (2014, Mountaineers Books). Jennifer was named in 2009 by Canon USA to the elite group of photographers, The Explorers of Light.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram @jenwuphoto.

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