Georgina Goodwin. Lion Mania.

Georgina Goodwin. Lion Mania.

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Portrait of a lioness, mid-tussle with another, as she stares me down from just a few meters away in the Masai Mara, Kenya 2005.

Just over a century ago, there were more than 200,000 wild lions living in Africa. The Kenya Wildlife Service estimates there are now around 825 lion left in the Mara ecosystem, with Kenya losing an average of 100 of its 2,000 lions every year due to growing human settlements, increasing farming, climate change and disease, and poisoning. Lions are extinct in 26 African countries, only about 20,000 lions remain occupying less than 20 per cent of their historic range (IUCN, 2010). The battle is on for the few conservation organizations working to protect Kenya’s remaining 2000 lion.

Georgina Goodwin is a documentary photographer born and based in Kenya. She is mentor for Vital Impacts Mentorship Program, a Canon Trainer and former Canon Ambassador. Now as a mother of two girls her focus is on connecting us to Nature. Her work has been widely published and exhibited. 

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