Elizabeth Stone. Negative / Positive NS 23.

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I am drawn to the inherent transformative power of the photographic medium. I never cease to revel in discovery and wonder when common subjects are renewed with light and close scrutiny, whether it is a blade of grass, frost patterns on a windshield or my own photographic materials.

This image is from my series Negative / Positive. In this project I build temporary sculptures using my film negatives and slides, plastic negative sleeves and empty slide mounts. These small sculptures are illuminated solely by two old light boxes, and photographed with a macro lens. Landforms emerge from the edges of these constructions and I think about how we define the landscape. The colors and light are reminiscent of the landscapes in my dreams as I wander from one meadow to the next. It is through this process of reduction and abstraction that I get a glimpse of the sublime and when I do, it feels like home.

Elizabeth Stone is an award winning Montana-based visual artist exploring potent themes of memory and time deeply rooted within the ambiguity of photography. Stone’s work has been widely exhibited and is held in both private and public collections. 

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