Britta Jaschinski. Lone Lion, Africa. Permanent Collection.

Britta Jaschinski. Lone Lion, Africa. Permanent Collection.

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Vital Impacts is honored to have this photograph as part of our permanent, year-round collection.

Tanzania, East Africa. Britta Jaschinski heard tales of a solitary old lion wandering in the Lobo area of Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. Fascinated, Britta spent three days searching for him and found him resting in the shade of an acacia tree.

No one was sure what had happened to him, though he may have been forced from his pride by a younger male. His face seemed to bear the weight of wide experience. An old, wise beast. Enormously powerful, but lost perhaps - for a moment - in his own solitude.

Britta Jaschinski is a London based photographer investigating the human - nature relationship and its impact. She documents crimes against wildlife and nature. Known for her unique style in photojournalism, she works with authorities, charities, museums and environmental organizations. Jaschinski's work has received many international awards and her photos feature in magazines, books and exhibitions across the globe.

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