Aletheia Casey. A Lost Place (Wiradjrui Country). Limited Edition.

Aletheia Casey. A Lost Place (Wiradjrui Country). Limited Edition.

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Editions of 5 plus two artists proof.

About the Work

This work is a very personal reaction to the climate emergency, in particular to the Australian fires which almost destroyed my family home. Although we have not experienced the ferocity of the 2019/2020 bushfires this year, the threat is ever present. This work uses my own archival images, and, through painting, scratching, and reworking, reimagines the landscapes of my childhood home, now with the threat of environmental devastation. The interference of my brushstrokes on the prints became a mirror of human intervention in nature, my own hand attempting to control the uncontrollable.

About the Photographer

Aletheia Casey is a photographic artist based between Sydney and London. During the last 12 years Aletheia has published and worked with The Guardian, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Financial Times Magazine, BBC London and BBC World, Australian Associated Press, BBC Wales, SBS Television, and various international publications.

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