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Xavi Bou. Ornithography #178. Limited Edition.

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Ornithography #178 Stumus vulgaris, Common Starling and Falco peregrinus, Peregrine Falcon, Emporada, Catalonia.

Printed area: 46" x 24.4"

Edition 4 of a total of 12

Ornithographies arises from the concern for capturing those unnoticed moments and from the interest in questioning the limits of human perception.

This project focuses on birds, in order to capture in a single time frame, the shapes they generate when flying, making visible the invisible.

Ornitographies is a balance between art and science; a nature-based dissemination project and a visual poetry exercise but above all, an invitation to perceive the world with the same curious and innocent look of the child we once were.

In 2012 Xavi Bou embarked on Ornitographies; photography inspired by his curiosity about the invisible patterns traced by birds in flight. Learn more about Xavi Bou.