Tony Wu. Sperm Whale Family Unit | Physeter macrocephalus

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A friendly family of sperm whales, comprising several adult females and three juveniles. The prominent white stripes on the ventral surface of the adult in the forefront made it relatively easy to distinguish this family unit from the many dozens of others gathered in the area for socialization. Note the pectoral fin of the adult in the forefront. The bone structure, resembling the bones in a human hand, is clearly visible.

Tony Wu is an underwater photographer and writer who in his own words describes himself as "the chimaera that results when you merge equal parts nature/ marine biology geek, visual art lover, technophile, hopeless dreamer, vagabond, and photography nut." In recent years, Tony has devoted the bulk of his time to the challenging pursuit of photographing large cetaceans such as sperm whales, humpbacks and blue whales, as well as documenting fish spawning aggregations.

Follow Tony on instagram @tonywu98.

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