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Tanya Habjouqa. Ahed Tamimi.

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Ahed Tamimi, renowned Palestinian activist, in nature a short walk from her home and in the ruins of an archeological site. She was arrested for 8 months at age sixteen.

She was jailed by Israel’s military for slapping two heavily armed soldiers wearing protective gear (who had shot her cousin at close range in the head). Released at seventeen just 21 days short of completing an eight-month prison sentence—she is now studying law and dreams of studying international human rights law as a masters in Spain. 

Pictures of her confronting Israeli soldiers as a child were recently misattributed on social media as being that of a Ukrainian child standing up to Russian soldiers. 

Born in Jordan and raised between Texas and the Middle East, Tanya Habjouqa has earned a reputation for documentary that brings politics and creative vision into the same frame.  With a focus on gender, identity, and socio-political issues in the Middle East, there is always a layer of gravitas and an intuitive sense of metaphor beneath her work. Tanya is an artist, educator, and member of  NOOR Images. 

Follow Tanya on Instagram @habjouqa