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Smita Sharma. Girls on Bicycle.

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Girls on their way back home from school at Torpa, Jharkhand, India. This tribal region of Jharkhand is affected by social problems like trafficking, child marriage and witch hunting.

The government of Jharkhand has given bicycles to girls across the state to encourage them not to drop out of schools. Many girls in India are still missing out on education because of factors such as accessibility to school, quality of education and unsanitary conditions.

The schools in rural areas are located far away and girls often have to take long walk from their homes making them vulnerable. Girls are sometimes kidnapped, assaulted, raped, tricked and trafficked while on their daily commute to school. Despite of all odds, girls from this region are focusing on their education and fighting for it.

Smita Sharma is an award winning photojournalist and visual storyteller based in Delhi, reporting on critical human rights, gender and social issues in her own community as well as in the Global South on assignments for Human Rights Watch, National Geographic Magazine, and other publications. 

Follow Smita on Instagram @smitashrm.