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Ruben Salgado Escudero. 1 out of 400,000.

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A Mosotho boy walks his donkey home in a local township. There are more than 400,000 Basotho’ (citizens of Lesotho) who have had to migrate into South Africa because of the lack of job opportunities at home. Illegally in the country, most of Basotho have no rights to own any land or even rent a home, forcing families to live in shacks outside of the main communities. With his horse and cart, him and his family collect coal and scrap which they then sell for a minimum amount of money.

Ruben Salgado Escudero was born in Madrid, Spain. He lived in the United States throughout his teenage years, graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design and later lived 10 years in Berlin, Germany working in 3D animation. His projects have been published in most major international publications, and has won various international awards.

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