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Prasenjeet Yadav. The Ghost Cat.

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A camera trap catches the old male snow leopard on a mountain overlooking the Spiti Valley. As a photographer focusing on wildlife stories, the biggest excitement is to work on Snow leopards. And I am glad that could share the story of this hardcore yet shy species and the landscape that they call home.

To me, this story really highlights the decades of dialogue between the locals who share space with this big cat, and the researchers who study the ecology of this species and the managers who work tirelessly to make it happen. Although there are few places where Snow Leopards are seen more commonly today, but we still know very little about this ghost cat compared to other big cats like Tigers, Leopards, Lions, and Jaguars.

Prasenjeet Yadav is a molecular ecologist turned National Geographic Photographer & Explorer. Prasenjeet is one of the very few photographers who integrates science deeply into his photo stories. He chooses ignored subjects, landscapes, and species and find ways to develop engaging and accessible photos. For every story, he collaborates with researchers, managers, policymakers as well as conservationists.

Follow Prasenjeet on Instagram @prasen.yadav.