Morgan Heim. Mountain Lion.

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Boulder, Colo., sees upwards of 70 mountain lion (Puma concolor) sightings in a year, likely only a fraction of actual activity within city limits. Friends reported to me that one night while watching a movie in their basement apartment, they glimpsed a mountain lion outside the sliding glass door. So I strapped a camera trap to their patio furniture and a birdbath and waited. Two months, multiple blizzards and an array of housecat selfies later, we caught a glimpse of the visitor we'd been searching for. 

Morgan (Mo) Heim is a wildlife photojournalist, filmmaker and adventurer focusing on wildlife-human coexistence. Her goal is to find the beauty, humor and perseverance in the struggle to make the world a better place. She began her career studying fisheries, listening to whales and working on dam removal projects. Now she uses her background in ecology and journalism to tackle subjects such as roadkill, living with cormorants, deer migration and the environmental impacts of drug cartels on forestlands.

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