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Mélanie Wenger. Stormy Day Fever.

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Stormy Day Fever, Simon's Town, South Africa.

On stormy days, a colony of cormorans takes shelter on Boulders beach in Simon's Town, settlement of a 1000 pairs African penguins colony. In this season, the penguins are moulting and their feathers are not waterproof. The helicopters creates disturbance, bringing water on a wild fire on the Cape of Good Hope.

Mélanie Wenger is a documentary photographer and founding member of Inland Stories. She lives and works between Texas, Brussels, Paris, and Cape Town, South Africa. A graduate in literature with a master’s degree in journalism, she develops long-term documentary stories exploring photography, sound, and video and has exhibited her work worldwide.

Follow Mélanie on Instagram @_melaniewenger_pictures.