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Laura Morton. Bay Windows in Fog.

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San Francisco, a city of only approximately 47 square miles, has microclimates shaped by having an ocean on one side, a bay on the other and many hills and valleys. The city’s varied typography influences the way its famed fog moves into different neighborhoods, creating weather that can change drastically as you move from one district to the next throughout the day. On nights such as this one, when the fog starts to roll into my neighborhood, I find it relaxing to watch it crest over the hill and begin blanket the area. 

Laura Morton is a freelance documentary photographer based in San Francisco, California. Born in Maryland, she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Journalism. She moved to San Francisco in 2006 and has been based there ever since. Much of her personal work focuses on how cultural trends influence the human experience as well as issues of economics.

Follow Laura on Instagram @laurakmorton.