Kathy Karn. The Wisdom of Elephants.

Kathy Karn. The Wisdom of Elephants.

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Elephant species have survived on the planet for 55 million years. Whereas our ancestors have walked the earth for only 6 million. You might say, elephants have every right to declare, “We were here first, we’ve learned a thing or two about survival, taking care of the planet, and getting along with others.” Elephants have similar social structures to humans and show clear signs of emotional intelligence.

Kathy Karn is an international award-winning photographer and visual storyteller. She shares her love of African wildlife in stories that entertain, educate, and support conservation in her blog Heartfelt Stories. Her images of elephants have appeared in articles, annual reports, and press releases for conservation organizations and publications such as The Sarara Foundation, Wildlife Direct, The Guardian and Africa Geographic. 

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