Jasper Doest. Flamingo Bob Swimming. Limited Edition.

Jasper Doest. Flamingo Bob Swimming. Limited Edition.

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Flamingo Bob enjoys a swim in the Caribbean Sea. Arthritis in his feet is causing him difficulties to walk but he feels very comfortable in the water, which is why Odette Doest (@vetdoest) takes him out for a swim on a regular basis.

Flamingo Bob was part of a transient population of between 400 and 600 American flamingos that forage on Curaçao’s salt flats.

Because flamingos have long legs, they can wade into much deeper water than most other birds. Webbed feet support them on soft mud. When the water is beyond their wading depth, flamingos swim at the surface while feeding. Webbed feet allow the flamingo to swim quite readily.

Bob is a Caribbean flamingo, from the island of Curaçao. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a hotel window, leaving him severely concussed. He was cared for by my cousin, Odette Doest, a local vet who also runs a wildlife rehabilitation centre and conservation charity – the Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben (@fdoccuracao). Existing disabilities meant Bob couldn’t be released, but instead he became ambassador for FDOC, which educates locals about the importance of protecting the island’s wildlife.

This photograph is printing on an Epson Stylus Pro 11880 with Epson UltraChrome K3 ink on Innova Smooth Cotton High White 100% Cotton 315gsm, which is a museum quality paper with a high white finish and silky smooth surface. 

Dutch photographer Jasper Doest creates visual stories that explore the relationship between humankind and nature and is a contributing photographer to National Geographic magazine. Learn more about Jasper Doest.

Proceeds from this photo will support Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben.

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