Jasper Doest. Flamingo Bob.
Jasper Doest. Flamingo Bob.

Jasper Doest. Flamingo Bob.

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The name "Flamingo" was derived from the latin word for flame, in reference to their flame-colored plumage.

People have wondered why Odette Doest (@vetdoest), named her flamingo “Bob”. We were asked for his name on live radio and didn’t have much time to think. It was just something that came up and it just sounded right.

But did you know that “Bob”, is short for “Robert”, which means famed, bright, shining... Flamingo Bob: famed bright shining flame colored bird... not a bad name for a flamingo, don’t you think?

Bob is a Caribbean flamingo, from the island of Curaçao. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a hotel window, leaving him severely concussed. He was cared for by my cousin, Odette Doest, a local vet who also runs a wildlife rehabilitation centre and conservation charity – the Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben (@fdoccuracao). Existing disabilities meant Bob couldn’t be released, but instead he became ambassador for FDOC, which educates locals about the importance of protecting the island’s wildlife.

Dutch photographer Jasper Doest creates visual stories that explore the relationship between humankind and nature and is a contributing photographer to National Geographic magazine. Learn more about Jasper Doest

Proceeds from this photo will support Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben.

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