Jaime Culebras. New Life.

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It was very late, it was raining and it was cold but the mystical cloud forest gave us this little drop full of life. It's an egg clutch of the glass frog "Nymphargus wileyi", known only from the type locality, in Yanayaku Biological Station, in the Amazonian slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes. The species is listed as Data Deficient, because there is still very little known about this frog; it could be on the brink of extinction without knowing it.

Jaime Culebras is a reptile and amphibian researcher, and nature photographer based between Spain and Ecuador. He has co-authored several papers on biogeography and descriptions of new species of amphibians and reptiles. In 2021, Culebras published the story for National Geographic Magazine “These see-through frogs are full of surprises” and he has received numerous photography and conservation awards.

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