Morgan Heim. Lake Clark Sow 1815.

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She is more angular and lanky than most, her fur a wiry bristle brush texture that sticks out in every conceivable way, and she is glorious. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her multiple years, and am so glad to see she is still there when I return. Here she gets a little more clamming in even as the tide begins to flood.

Morgan (Mo) Heim is a wildlife photojournalist, filmmaker and adventurer focusing on coexistence and how human-influenced environmental change impacts wildlife. Her goal is to find the beauty, humor and perseverance in the struggle to make the world a better place. She is the founder of Neon Raven Story Labs, a storytelling and strategy platform for conservation, and in 2020 co-launched Her Wild Vision Initiative aimed at raising the voices of diverse women in the craft of conservation visual storytelling. 

Follow Morgan on Instagram @moheim.

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