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Georgina Goodwin. Virtual Reality in Masaailand.

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Virtual Reality in Masaailand: Walk through the dry savanna with Masaai and his goats in Africa! Virtual reality and artificial intelligence came to Maasailand in Kenya's Amboseli region with a Canadian crew making a virtual reality film documenting traditional Nomadic cultures and lifestyles from around the world.

To understand the mission of the documentary the Canadian film crew give the Maasai an experience they will never forget as they sit in Maasailand: to become enveloped into the virtual reality world of the Nomadic Mongolians riding horses across valleys, performing traditional dancing and singing, and sit cooking in their gers (tents).

Georgina Goodwin is a documentary photographer focusing on the environment, social issues and women. Born and based in Kenya, Georgina is a contributor to Getty Images and Everyday Climate Change. Learn more about  Georgina Goodwin.