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Fritz Hoffmann. Shaolin Kung Fu Master.

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Buddhist monk and Shaolin Kungfu master Shi Dejian at the Songshan Mountain Shaolin Zen, Martial Arts, and Medicine Institute that he founded and built in the Sanhuang Stronghold high in the Song Mountains in Dengfeng, Henan, China.

Shi Dejian is a thirty first generation apprentice of the Shaolin Temple Cao Dong Zheng Sect, a 19th generation inheritor of Zen, Martial Arts, and Medicine of Yong Hua School of Shaolin Temple. He became the late Shaolin monk Shi Xingxing’s disciple in 1988 and studied the traditional Shaolin martial arts, Zen Buddhism, and Medicine from him. He became a Shaolin monk in 1990 with the late Shaolin Abbot Shi Suxi as his master. He moved to the Sanhuang Stronghold in 1994 and started his life as a hermit and the reconstruction of the Sanhuang Stronghold temple.

Fritz Hoffmann is a photographer whose work has been published and exhibited globally. He is recognized for his decades-long photography of China.

Fritz became the first western photographer, after China’s Communist revolution in 1949, with journalist accreditation by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be granted long-term residence outside of Beijing, the political capital. Shanghai was his home from 1995 to 2008. He studied Mandarin at Shanghai University.

Follow Fritz on Instagram @fritzhoffmannschinawork.