Beth Moon. Tsitakakantsa, Ankoabe Forest. Limited Edition.

Beth Moon. Tsitakakantsa, Ankoabe Forest. Limited Edition.

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Edition 1 of 5.

Printed area of 24” x 36” 

Ankoabe Forest, Madagascar.

Tsitakakansa, translates to, “The Tree Where One Cannot Hear the Song from the Other Side,” referencing the tree’s enormous girth.

I approach the tree through knee-deep water that has accumulated from recent rains. With each step forward I am pulled toward a miraculous sight. I can clearly sense the radiance and magic this tree projects.

Tree as living shrine.

The weather-beaten trunk possesses a covert sense of history, a living palimpsest of well-worn scars and numerous layers, with new chapters written over old, year after year, century after century, separating yesterday from today.

It takes thirty-two steps to circle the base, just over ninety feet in circumference.

I close my eyes and trace around the eroded areas on the surface of the bark with my fingertips. It is like reading Braille, inscriptions embedded into raised knots and crevices. Sculpted smooth by the wind, future storms, droughts, and floods will also leave their marks.

Since 1999, Beth Moon’s work has appeared in more than eighty solo and group exhibitions worldwide, receiving critical acclaim in major fine art publications internationally. Learn more about Beth Moon

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