Beth Moon. Sacred Baobab of Nianing. Limited Edition.

Beth Moon. Sacred Baobab of Nianing. Limited Edition.

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Sacred Baobab of Nianing, Platinum print, Ed. of 15.

The Senegalese hold a special place in their hearts for the baobab tree—it is greatly loved. A sleepy, picturesque village, Nianing is one hour south of the Senegal’s capital on the west coast. The largest tree in the center of the village shows evidence of inscribed markings on the trunk. Priests and griots used to inscribe sacred baobabs with secret religious or political markings by making vertical strokes and dots.These inscribed trees are known as guy mbind in Wolof, “the Baobab of Writing.”  

The prints are hand coated platinum and palladium metals on cotton water color paper printed by the artist herself. In the process, pieces of the metal are embedded into the paper resulting in a 3-dimensional appearance & prints that can last thousands of years.  

Since 1999, Beth Moon’s work has appeared in more than eighty solo and group exhibitions worldwide, receiving critical acclaim in major fine art publications internationally.

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