Matt Bagley. Bubble Lion.

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Bubble Lion, Port Lincoln, SA, Australia.

When I look into your deep dark eyes, I see an ocean full of colour.

A trail of bubbles is your connection to the world above. We are all here to coexist, and though you are fearful, you accept my presence. I feel your curiosity, though I could never truly understand you.

You are unconventionally beautiful. With fur as smooth as silk and your whiskers coarse like wire, you fold your ears back as you gaze at your reflection in my camera port. This may be the first time you have seen yourself, yet I know you don't appreciate your beauty.

I write this for you, on behalf of you. The endangered. Only 6500 est. of you remain in this world.

"Take a moment and look into my eyes. Get closer. I am the one without a voice. My plea is silent but must it be heard; you hold the future of my existence in your hands. Don't forget about me."

The silence in the water becomes loud, and the air in my lungs becomes heavy. It pulls me back to the surface as I remember we are from different worlds.

I have felt a deep connection with the ocean for as long as I can remember.
Saltwater is in my blood, and when submerged I find peace and wonder. With a
camera in hand I follow lightpaths, diving down into cold free flowing waters. A
handheld torch accompanies my single-breath dives, illuminating instances that
captivate and connect. Whether it be the morning light bouncing off the oceans
surface or the darkness that comes before the moon. There is so much beauty that
it’s hard to look past, I’m drawn to them. Not only to capture but to experience them

Matt Bagley is a son, brother, father and uncle amongst other things. He grew up in the small coastal fishing town of San Remo, a unique location where the mainland connects to Phillip Island down the south-east coast of Australia.

Follow Matt on instagram @petrichor.mb.

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