Corey Arnold. Asheville Cubs.

Corey Arnold. Asheville Cubs.

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In the backyard of a home in Asheville, North Carolina which butts up against a large wild green space, more then a dozen black bears pass through each week.  Urban bears live side by side in this community, and residents even set up toys and rope swings for the cubs, a source of entertainment for the neighborhood. 

Corey Arnold is a photographer and commercial fisherman exploring mankind’s complicated relationship with nature. His recent work documents how urban wildlife such as raccoons, coyotes, and bears are adapting to the human landscape in America.

Arnold’s photography has been exhibited extensively in galleries and museums worldwide, as well as in Harper’s, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, TIME, Outside, Smithsonian Magazine, and The Paris Review, among others. Arnold is based in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington where he is teaching his toddlers the fine art of rural animal tracking.

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