Amy Toensing. Bison.

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A bison wallows in dust on the American Prairie Reserve in Montana. Bison reintroduction is a critical – and controversial – part of APR’s plan to rewild a large swath of the northern plains, removing cattle, reestablishing native vegetation, and helping lost wildlife return and thrive.

The American Prairie Reserve (APR), an independent, nonprofit organization, is working to create the largest nature reserve in the lower 48 by stitching together 3.5 million acres of private and public lands. APR’s goal is to remove all the cattle and replace them with 10,000 free roaming bison and allow this temperate grassland, one of the four left on our planet, to thrive and be forever protected.

Amy Toensing is a photojournalist committed to telling stories with sensitivity and depth and has been a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine for over twenty years.

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